Discover Miami Life Outside South Beach

South Beach in Miami has received it all- from praises, hits and misses. But a trip to Miami and discovering what the area has to offer doesn’t mean that you always need to include a side trip to South Beach, or SoBe. There are worthy locations, hotels and restaurants in the area as well that are not located here. Here are some suggestions and some travel tips when discovering Miami.

Stay at Soho Beach House

Considered as an ‘it’ hotel in Miami, Soho can make your stay a special one. This is a private members’ club, hotel and spa which is conveniently located in the site of the Sovereign Hotel. The historical site has been redesigned in order to accommodate the 16-storey oceanfront tower. This will give you a good view of the famed Miami beach, and you’ll have options to choose your room from among the 50 rooms available. There’s a private beach for couples wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and there’s the Cowshed Spa and gym as well to soothe one’s nerves. And while you’re at it, try ordering the Soho signature One While Changing, which is a cocktail delivered to your room.

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Experience the local food outside SoBe

South Beach is for nightly entertainment. But if you want good food while you are in Miami, then get out of SoBe and get ready to discover local fusion and dishes. Look for Sugarcane and food lovers and food critics have been raving about this food shop for months now. There are three kitchens to discover here, the robata, hot and raw bar. If it’s your first time in the place, try ordering the house favorites including the bacon-wrapped dates and salmon crudo with fennel pollen. Ask for brussel sprouts too that are made with orange and sweet soy sauce. Their cuisine earned them awards both national and internationally so this is a safe bet when it comes to eating and dining out in Miami.

You can even sample the cuisine of the Caribbean while you are staying in Miami. There are small shops and bakeries that serve the best of Latin and Caribbean cuisine. You can also sample the best empanadas. You can check this out in ‘Little Buenos Aires, Miami’. there’s also a Uruguayan restaurant in Collins Avenue that serve some of the best sandwiches, packed with steak, ham, fried egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo!

Spend a late afternoon at Bal Harbour

This is the place to be if you’re into shopping. But you can stop by Bal Harbour if you simply want to take a bite or sit down for a meal and simply do people-watching. This is Miami’s version of the shopping strip with style where one can get lost in this open-air shopping mall packed by more than 100 stores including famed names like Saks and Jimmy Choo. Get these places and shops into your list to widen your coverage of Miami getaway. Remember, Miami isn’t all about South Beach so try to discover these places.

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