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Know Your Miami Neighborhoods

Some of the reasons why travelers flock to one city are the neighborhoods waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, these neighborhoods have stories to tell. And by visiting these, travelers get to learn more about the story and the culture of the city. Same is true if you are planning to visit Miami. Sometimes, it's best if you use one day of your planned vacation to visit some of the well-known neighborhood of Miami and to study and appreciate the area from within. In Miami, each part or neighborhood of the city has its own strong points, charisma. Here's a listing of the well-known neighborhoods in Miami and what you can expect from these.

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Conduct your business in Downtown Miami

This is the business and the financial center of Miami. If you will need to attend to your personal and financial transactions, you may need to proceed downtown since some of the banks and business centers are located here. though you will find it hard to find scenic spots and points of interest downtown, keep in mind that there are some locations in the area that are worth checking out. You may want to check out the Metro-Dade Cultural Center where you can find the Miami Art Museum.

Shop with sense at the Miami Design District

Located at the crossroads of some of the well-known Miami neighborhoods, the Design District features an eclectic mix of galleries, restaurants, clubs and boutiques. There are more than 130 art galleries and showrooms in the area which an art lover can visit. This area was almost forgotten decades ago, but a check and visit of the place right now will reveal the amazing transformation. Design District in Miami is now the center and destination for arts and fashion.

Get a taste of Cuba in Little Havana

If you want to sample the cuisine and the sounds of Cuba, then a visit at Little Havana is a must. Located west of downtown Miami, the area is filled with ethnic and local restaurants where one can sample the food of Cuba. Most of the people here speak Spanish. But don't worry if this is your first time in the neighborhood. Majority of the traffic signs come in both the English and Spanish language. This is also considered as the center of culture and the arts activities in the city. And most of the festivals and cultural activities are conducted in Little Havana. For example, the Carnival Miami, Cultural Fridays and the Three Kings Parade are all conducted and hosted in Little Havana. The neighborhood is also known for Calle Ocho and the Walkway of the Stars where famous Latino artists are immortalized.

Relax in Key Biscayne

For those looking to relax and to take a break from partying, then a visit to Key Biscayne is highly recommended. Include this as a side trip the next time you prepare your plans for Miami.

There are two other neighborhoods worthy of your visit, like Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. Just like the other four neighborhoods, these two offer a different set of character that every traveler will like.

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