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Indulge in the Arts of Miami

Vary your activities in Miami; try to get out of the box and think that life in this city is more than the beaches and entertainment. Add art immersion activities in case you are planning to discover what Miami is all about. Though not its strongest suit, the art scene in Miami is something to look forward to. And the art patrons in the city are doing their homework as well by giving travelers, visitors and the resident excellent art immersions for years now. The renaissance for art in the area started in 2002 when it hosted the Art Basel. From here, the art scene in the area flourished and propelled Miami into the list of international centers for arts.

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What styles can be discovered in Miami

When it comes to architecture, there are three basic styles that can be observed in the area. Travelers and visitors can marvel at the Spanish Mediterranean, Art Deco and Arquitectonica styled buildings in the city. Contemporary styles are now being developed in the area which can be discovered as well, and a good example of this style is the Miami Art Museum building.

Art Basel Miami Beach continues its run to showcase the arts

This important show is still active in Miami, and highlights the cultural and social achievements not just of the area but the rest of the country. This is also a major tourist draw, and one even that you should check out just in case you are planning to visit Miami. Expect the Art Basel Miami to combine the selection of top galleries, special events and parties and other crossover events marked by music, film and design. Most of the art exhibitions are done on the Art Deco District, thus adding to the unique art and cultural experience. And since the Art Deco district in Miami is just a few steps away from the best hotels and beaches, immersing in the arts has never been this fun.

Other interesting places in Miami to find and discover art

Attending the Art Basel Miami Beach every December is just the start of traveler's art discovery and immersion in the city. There are other places of note when it comes to culture and the arts. You may want to discover and visit the Wolfsonian. Take note of the propaganda art from 1875 to 1945 that is showcased here. This is the place to be for interesting exhibits, including 'The History of Bathing Suits'. First-time visitors of Miami should also try out the Margulies gallery space. Here one can check out a collection of photos and videos showcasing the history of photography. For the risqué art, then a visit at the Rubell Collection downtown is a must-do activity.

There's a reason why Miami is now the art center of the United States, and it's to enjoy Miami more than what the beaches can offer. Start off with Art Basel, do people-watching and continue with the rest of the art houses and museums in the city.

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