Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Car Seats allowed in your company?

If you need a car seat, Miami Finest provides you three types of car seats according to your needs. You can get the following ones:

- Infant Car Seat upon 1-year-old child,

- Child Car Seat from 1 to 3-year-old child,

- Booster Car Seat from 3 to 9-year-old-child.

Nonetheless, the car seats above cannot be installed by our professional drivers due to insurance regulations. You are the one who can approve the car seat condition and install it at your own risk.

2. Do I have to pay a fee for the car seat needed?

We don't charge an extra fee if you need a car seat.You can request the one you need for free.

3. Is mandatory to tip the driverwhen you meet him?

It's not an obligation to tip the driver when you meet him since the gratuity for the chauffeur is already included in your total rate.

4. How much is the fee your company applies for using my Credit Card?

At Miami Finest, we charge you a fee of 5% when you pay for a limousine service by Credit Card.

5. What do you charge when I rent a limousine?

You will be charged for the transportation service plus the driver's gratuity, parking, tolls, and sea/airport fee (if necessary). You will be also billed for wait time, incidentals, custom flights, transfer stops and so on.

6. Does the driver have a specific pick up when I arrive at the airport?

If you are coming in an International Flight, our driver will pick you up at the Customs Exit. But if you are arriving in a Domestic Flight, you will be picked up at the Baggage Claim.

7. How many ways can I make a reservation or request a quote?

For both cases, you can call us at 305 891 2389. You can also contact us by email to info @ miamifinest com. Furthermore, you can ask a quote or make a reservation on line in the following pages:

For quotes:  

For reservations:

8. How do you know if I am arriving earlier or later than expected?

Our company counts with a high technology system that will warm us about early or late flights. So don't worry if you are coming earlier or later, our chauffeur will be at the time you arrive at the airport.

9. Is mandatory to pay for the parking fee?

You can avoid the parking fee by requesting to be picked up the curbside of the airport.

10. How much will I be charged if I cancel my reservation?

There will be a charge of 50% booking fee before 24 hours, a full amount will be charged within 48 hours.

11. Which credit cards do you need as warranty to make a reservation?

Our company accepts Master Card, Visa and American Express to guarantee your reservation. In addition, if you have a PayPal account, you can use it as a method of payment too.

12. Can I tell the driver to take a specific route?

Currently, our professional drivers are trained to take the most secure and fastest route. However, if you want to instruct the driver to take a specific route, it may be done previous arrangement and the price will vary.

13. Can I use the Live Chat to make a reservation?

Yes, you can. There is a professional operator ready to assist you in whatever you need, so you can ask for quotes, make a reservation, ask for tours, types of vehicles and any questions you have in mind.

14. What kind of information do I have to keep on hand when I make a reservation?

Basically, we need your email address, the itinerary, the name of the passenger, cell phone, credit card info to guarantee the reservation, and some minor information.

15. How long at least do I have to rent for the party bus and what does the rate include?

If you want to take our luxury party bus and spend a wonderful night in Miami, there is a five-hour minimum. The price is $120 all include – transportation service plus the tip for the driver – per hour.

16. Does your party bus take a specific route and how many people fit in the vehicle?

We don't have a specific route; you can choose the places you want to go. Our vehicle is up to 26 people.

17. What can I find in your Party Bus?

Since you get in the Party Bus, you will find the necessary stuff to throw a great party, like bar, stereo, dancing pole, halo and laser lights, champagne buckets, ice chests and so on.

18. Do you provide airport transfer only to Miami International Airport?

Currently, we provide airport transfer to three major airports in Florida, Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale Airport and Palm Beach Airport. We also serve to some private airports.

19. Is permitted to bring alcohol to the vehicle?

If you are under 21 years old, you are not allowed to bring alcohol. However, if the clients break up with these terms, the transportation service will be canceled immediately with no refund.

20. Do I have to pay an extra fee if I have to way for my baggage? 

If you need additional time to wait for your baggage that will not be charged.