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Top Boutiques in South Beach

Top Boutiques in South Beach

Let’s start saying that “Boutique” is a French word that refers to a little store specialized in fashion goods such as high class clothing (haute couture) and jewelry. They offer not the common things that you find in massive stores, but the most outstanding goods in their line of business (shoes, dresses, handbags, belts, watches, rings, hats, glasses, perfumes, and so on). Someone that buys in a boutique is looking for some exclusive and original designs in order to avoid using “average” things.

Since many people arrive to Miami to make shopping (among other things), surely there will be persons that prefer to buy in boutiques rather than in the big department stores. In this sense, we would like to suggest some of the best boutiques in the lovely neighborhood of South Beach (which belongs to Miami Beach) and its surroundings.

One of the main streets in South Beach with boutiques is Collins Avenue. Blessed with a proximity with Ocean Drive and near to many major hotels visited every year, we have among the best:

Arden B.

Placed in the southern side of Collins and closed to the Fifth Street, in this shop you can find outstanding creations in a reasonable price.

Armani Exchange

He needs no introduction, Giorgio Armani haute couture designer developed this more affordable line, and there is a store in the very middle of Collins Avenue.


Some of the most famous Italian brands, well known by his remarkable models of each race and ethnic origin, always having his famous phrase “United Colors of Benetton”.


A clearly European style has this mark, for clothing and footwear. With its new store in South Beach, Diesel has a good spot in Collins Avenue.

Kenneth Cole

A worldwide famous designer. His shoes, clothing, and handbags have his personal touch that make them exclusive.

Ralph Lauren

It is an American sportwear designer which clothes seems to have some nautical look. Famous for its bright color pique t-shirts.


Its origins were as a boutique of denim collection that grew up, and nowadays it is a second brand of the world famous mark Benetton from Italy.


High style and low prices was the strategy of the fashion brand Zara to its introductions in the Miami market, finding a hungry customer group.

Another famous place to visit boutiques is Lincoln Road Mall, many excellent marks in a one place, all along sidewalk cafes to have a rest in the middle of your shopping, a nice combination. Among the stores you can find there we have:

Alvin’s Island

Each shopping place need to have at least one store that sells t-shirts that recalls you have been on vacation in Miami, the coolest tropical beaches in USA, stores such as Alvin’s.


Perhaps one of the most busy clothing stores on this mall, a well-known and familiar place for many people.


The creations of GAP brand are as cool as amazing, this is a 2 floor store full of windows and outstanding clothing.

Steve Madden

Maybe one of the most popular American designer specialized in shoes and accessories, having good designs and mid prizes as their main features.


Fine cut crystal is the hallmark of Swarovski, very elegant and original jewelry in reasonable prices.

Perhaps some of the worst things about shopping is to take your new things from one store to the next one, and usually the packages or bags amount tend s to increase store after store. In this case, a hired assistant would be helpful if there is not a relative or friend available. Besides, even in your own vehicle you have to look for a parking place, so it would be advisable to book a South Beach limo service, so you will have a luxury and comfortable vehicle to ride and take your new goods.


Title: Top Boutiques in South Beach
Description: Let’s start saying that “Boutique” is a French word that refers to a little store specialized in fashion goods such as high class clothing (haute couture) and jewelry.
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