Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miami Limo Owner Operator

If you are wondering about what an owner operator means in the limousine industry? This is the person who has an own car and work for one or more limousine companies. They are also called Independent Operators or IO's. 

There are good ones, ok ones and the bad ones. However, a limousine company, which really cares about giving a good quality of service, will never work with the ok and bad ones. Those kinds of independent operators will affect the customer service and the reputation of the company.

The good ones are the people we provide in our Miami limousine service. These professional chauffeurs are well-trained with a huge range of experience in the limousine industry. The punctuality of the owner operators is one of the principal factors to provide an excellent quality of service.

Good owner operators also provide personalized customer service. They kindly take the passengers' luggage and escort the customers to the limousine. These operators drive the passengers to their destination taking the most efficient and safest route. 

They represent our company, so it is very important to us to work with good owner operators that not only bring experience and good customer servicebut also have a huge knowledge about the city such as how it works, which interesting places it has, and so on. In that way, owner operators are like a guide for the clients. 

In addition, the vehicles they drive are of course well equipped with the highest technology. All of these points above make an owner operator a very good one, and that's the kind of people with work in our company in Miami.

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