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4 Best Thai Restaurants in South Beach

thai restaurants in sobe

Among the best oriental cuisines worldly famous, in addition of the Chinese and Japanese, is the Thai. Their good quality, original taste, and hard work made possible to get a well-deserved place among the high class oriental food.

Being South Beach an excellent place to have some resting vacation or just a getaway, an usual place chose by many people to visit, we think it would be useful to list 4 of the best Thai restaurants in South Beach.

Khong River House

One of the best restaurants to find Thai food is Khong River House. This restaurant was named after the Mekong River, called Khong for the local people, that goes through Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. These countries shaped the Southeast Asian, and therefore, Khong serves not only Thai cuisine but also the dishes of the Southeast Asia countries. The name also is a remark of the fact that in many of these countries the kitchen and the food serve to unit the family as being shared for everyone.

Located in 1661 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach (next to South Beach), Khong has Patricia Yeo as its executive chef’s, who has an impressive background, learnt in Princeton University and the New York Restaurant School, and worked in many famous places such as Miracle Grill, Mesa Grill and Bolo, China Moon, AZ (New York), or Ginger Park. Besides, she has written 2 books. Then, the quality of the food is guarantee. Every day it opens, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday, a brunch for Saturday and Sunday, let alone the happy hour from 4pm to 7pm from Monday to Friday. No way to describe the wonderful dishes you could find here, you have to taste them.

Thai House South Beach

As the name says, you will find Thai cuisine in here. All the dishes are prepared after ordered, so it will be as fresh as healthy, let alone the good taste you will have. As many oriental cuisines, the elaborated presentation is as good as the quality of the food, a work of art combining and cooking different elements to create the classic Thai dishes.

Their good cuisine along their outstanding service ensure that a customer will come back looking for another good dish, the comfortable Thai vibe, and the friendly and helpful staff there are in Thai House. Located at 1137 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33139, a splendid place to enjoy this wonderful restaurant.

You can find all the range of food; appetizers (Thai beef , Gyoza, or Thai spring roll), beverages (juices or Thai tea or coffe), desserts (ice cream, Lychee nuts, Rambutan), dishes with fish, duck, lobster, noodle, rice, soup, salads, even vegetarian food. Typical dishes and some fusion ones can be found here. Spicy taste is a feature of Thai cuisine, such as curry.

Patpong Road

We can start saying that “Patpong Road” is a real street in Thailand, something to link it with the Thai cuisine that they serve. As a curious thing, it is located above the famous restaurant Khong River House (its mother restaurant), therefore its address is the same, 1661 Meridian Avenue. Miami Beach , FL 33139.

It is designed to late customers, it opens at 10pm. The menu has characteristics of the favorite Asian street food. Snacks include: drunken rice noodles, Thai Donuts, or Hot & Sticky Thai style chicken wings. Cocktails and drinks are well represented, having some funny names such as “screaming orgasm” or “fun stuff”. No matter what you look for, Patpong Road surely will fulfill your night needs in its Bangkok style lounge.

Chakra Asian Cuisine and Lounge

This place is located in Ocean Dr & 15th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139. It is not only a restaurant, but also a bar, a dance club, a lounge, and a place for concerts. In this restaurant you can find Thai cuisine, but also Asian and sushi cuisine in general.

These are just some examples of the best Thai restaurants you can find in South Beach or next places in Miami Beach. In order to meet these Thai restaurants and other interesting places, the public bus service would be an option, other one could be to rent a car and drive, another choice could be a Miami Town car service, or even in foot if you like to walk since everything is more or less near each other.



Title: 4 Best Thai Restaurants in South Beach
Description: Being South Beach an excellent place to have some resting vacation or just a getaway, an usual place chose by many people to visit, we think it would be useful to list 4 of the best Thai restaurants in South Beach.
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